With an objective scientific testing system…

     to determine the specific nutrition needs

     of every patient

     in your own office

     in just a few minutes;

     and the supplements to meet those needs immediately.

     — With NUTRI-SPEC

From: Dr. Guy Schenker
Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

Dear Doctor,

If you want to offer clinical nutrition proven and guaranteed effective beyond your greatest expectations — and offer it to more patients than you ever thought possible — this letter will show you how to get what you want quickly, easily and profitably.

Imagine being able to solve your patients’ nutrition problems right there on the spot. Patients walk into your office with a nutrition problem; they walk out with the problem solved. That fast. That simple.

SUDDENLY – You have got the power to take a patient suffering from colitis so bad that for years she has been afraid to leave home — and stop it right now with NUTRI-SPEC.

Or, take a patient so constipated he is turning green — and clear him out right now with NUTRI-SPEC.

Your next patient has had disabling migraines for 20 years, and you can put an end to it right now with NUTRI-SPEC. Is your patient richer? Are you richer?

A child with fever raging out of control — bring it down right now with NUTRI-SPEC.

Your patient is worried sick over his high cholesterol — nothing brings cholesterol down right now like NUTRI-SPEC.

YOU ARE GOING TO WORK WONDERS — on symptoms as varied as these, just as doctors all over the country are doing. You are going to gain this power by learning …

THE SECRET OF EFFECTIVE NUTRITION — that all your patients have a specific pattern of metabolic imbalance that is causing their migraines, their colitis, their whatever — and that the only way to clear their symptoms is to identify and correct that biochemical imbalance, right now, with NUTRI-SPEC.

NUTRI-SPEC gives you the most complete and the most scientific nutrition anywhere — and best of all it’s so simple to use. In only 8-10 minutes your assistant can perform the urine, saliva and other tests providing all the information you need. You can tell at a glance exactly what metabolic imbalances exist in that patient and immediately offer the specific supplements and dietary recommendations for that unique body chemistry. No guesswork. No trial-and-error. Simply, problem presented — problem solved.

PROFITS THAT LIE HIDDEN IN YOUR PRACTICE. Nutrition is big news. The media are loaded with stories of cholesterol, osteoporosis and other nutrition topics. And people are listening. Listening and buying– to the tune of billions of dollars in supplements every year. And who is raking in these billions? The drug stores and the health food store down the street. Though uneducated, unprofessional, and even irresponsible, they are gleefully riding the bandwagon to pretty profits.

Read on —

Probably the majority of your patients and their families take a multiple supplement. Many others in your practice take much, much more than that. Yet you likely give nutrition recommendations to only a limited percentage of these patients.

Think of the untapped potential here. The majority of your patients not only need nutrition supplementation, but are already buying it. But they are buying garbage — rotten products based on rotten advice.

You have already established yourself as a well-respected health care professional in their lives. Doesn’t it seem unreasonable that they should purchase low quality elsewhere when they could be getting professional quality from you?

You may be saying to yourself, “I’d love to offer professional nutrition to all my patients and their families, but I have a very busy practice. I haven’t found a way I can do all the nutrition I’d like.”

You’ve found it. NUTRI-SPEC testing not only allows you to provide the highest quality nutrition service, but to provide service to more of your patients. How? Remember, the testing is done in your own office, taking only 8-10 minutes of your assistant’s time, and even less of your time to do your analysis.

Highest quality service to an ever-growing portion of your practice means not just greater respect from your patients, but also more referrals and big profits. NUTRI-SPEC enriches both you and your patients.

Here are 12 IMPORTANT BENEFITS NUTRI-SPEC gives you and your patients:

1) RESULTS — You will become one of hundreds of doctors achieving excellence in clinical nutrition. Excellence that comes from a truly objective nutrition system.

High cholesterol, low energy, and high blood pressure are a few of the many conditions you can turn around — conditions that before NUTRI-SPEC left you feeling professionally impotent. You will find and correct your patients’ patterns of metabolic imbalance — and you’ll see amazing, often immediate, symptomatic response.

2) SUPPLEMENTS WITH THE POWER TO MOVE MOUNTAINS — Not supplements with megadoses — rather, supplements with megapower. The unique NUTRI-SPEC supplement line is formulated for maximum biological activity.

Because of their instantaneous effect on oxidative metabolism, on membrane permeability, and on fluid and electrolyte dynamics, NUTRI-SPEC supplements give you a potent impact on metabolic balance.

3) IT IS EASY — No blood to draw. No hair samples to cut. All the information you need to determine the ideal supplements and diet for each patient comes from a simple testing procedure. You do it right in your own office. And it’s so easy your assistant can do it.

4) IT IS FAST — No delay waiting for lab reports. No lengthy computer printouts to interpret. No tedious questionnaires. Your assistant completes the testing in 8 minutes. You analyze the results even faster than that — and just that quickly you’ve prescribed the supplements and the diet your patient needs to restore metabolic balance. Comprehensive, scientific nutrition — right now.

5) OBJECTIVITY — No hit-or-miss guesswork. No chasing symptoms. No dependence on the patient’s subjective response to your recommendations. NUTRI-SPEC is scientific in the true sense of the word — systematic, analytical, objective.

6) CONTROL — The real beauty of NUTRI-SPEC testing is that it gives you the means to monitor your patients’ progress visit-to-visit. With NUTRI-SPEC patients do not tell you how they are doing — you tell them. And you have objective test procedures to guide you.

With NUTRI-SPEC you make measurable changes in each patient’s body chemistry, right now. As you monitor these changes you will modify the supplementation accordingly. You have the ultimate in nutritional specificity — giving your patients exactly what they need, precisely when they need it.

7) PATIENT RESPECT — Many nutrition oriented doctors cannot honestly say they offer their patients anything more than “”health food store nutrition.” You know — vitamin C for colds, zinc for the prostate, antioxidants for the immune system, B complex for stress.

With NUTRI-SPEC your patients see you as a true professional as you scientifically uncover the causes underlying their health problems, instead of taking a “shot in the dark” at their symptoms.

8) REFERRALS — Respecting your expertise, patients will eagerly bring in their families and refer their friends for scientific nutrition testing.

9) SAVE MONEY for your patients — No prescribing bottles and bottles of supplements to cover a patient’s needs…

NUTRI-SPEC means giving your patients specifically what supplementation they need — nothing less and nothing more. They will never waste a dime on pills or potions that don’t do them any good — or worse, on nutrients that will actually make them tired or sick.

10) SAVE MONEY for you — No high-tech (and over-priced) pseudo-scientific equipment to invest in. You will get more real science out of your inexpensive NUTRI-SPEC testing supplies than in any “garbage in, garbage out” computer software. Spend a fortune for ever more sophisticated means to measure the irrelevant? Or, use a deceptively simple system that proves itself daily — under the rigorous demands of a busy clinical practice.

Results — superior clinical nutrition at an amazingly low cost.

11) PROFITS — Offering the highest quality nutrition to more and more patients — even in a high-volume practice — means an endlessly rising tide of cash flow.

Doctors like yourself from all over the country are earning thousands of well deserved extra dollars each month. Professional income in return for the most professional nutrition services.

12) HONEST VALUE — Objectivity in clinical practice is synonymous with honesty.

You can become truly rich only one way — by enriching your patients — with something of real objective value. I think you can see that NUTRI-SPEC qualifies under this objective value criterion (and I don’t know of too many other approaches to clinical nutrition that do).

With NUTRI-SPEC you know you are giving your patients honest value in return for their money.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to really understand and control cholesterol, arthritis pain, allergies, and even a proven approach to cardiovascular disease is in the 458-page NUTRI-SPEC reference text, “An Analytical System of Clinical Nutrition.”

I have spent over 25 years putting together the theory, the science, and the clinical procedures presented in this book. Now I and hundreds of other doctors have an objective system to successfully treat migraine headaches, high cholesterol, colitis, chronic fatigue, and all the other conditions caused by metabolic imbalances.

Within a week after receiving your book you can be delivering this exciting and valuable professional service. The book is yours for only $57.00. It, and a few other inexpensive supplies are literally all you need. It’s that simple.

RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I am so sure that the NUTRI-SPEC System is everything you need to give great nutrition to more and more of your patients that I stand behind “An Analytical System of Clinical Nutrition” with a money back guarantee. If within 30 days you are not fully satisfied that this is the most comprehensive and effective system anywhere, then NUTRI-SPEC will (no questions asked) refund 100% of the book’s purchase price, and you still get to keep the book.

Fair enough? I am willing to take all the risk because I know NUTRI-SPEC will give you for the first time:

An objective scientific testing system…

to determine the specific nutrition needs

of every patient

in your own office

in just minutes;

and the supplements to meet those needs immediately.

It’s easy to order “An Analytical System of Clinical Nutrition.” Just call 1-800-736-4320.

Sincerely, Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

P.S. Call today and ask about our SPECIAL STARTER PACKAGE – a big savings on the supplies you need to do more nutrition and better nutrition than you ever thought possible.